Last week saw the first live episode of That Mint Podcast! Here’s a guest blog from the ladies over at TMP on how the episode went…

“3.14% of our subscribers are pirates”

Well, this is the episode we’ve been waiting for… and it didn’t disappoint!

After a quick change from our ‘We Are Live’ event, and even quicker installation of our in-office bar (4 minutes is impressive isn’t it?!), Cathi and Jo were ready to go live with That Mint Podcast for the first time.

And there was no sign of nerves as the pair officially launched series 2 of the podcast, whilst raising a toast to whatever it is about That Mint Podcast that has won over its fans so far. There’s more on that in the last blog here, but for me, the fact that the podcast has well and truly bust the myth that financial advice is for the rich and famous is what makes it a winner. (Remember talk of the Beckhams in episode 5?!).

Then it was onto what’s in store for the podcast – more fun and games mixed in with the important things like taking away the stigma and fear surrounding the industry, and deciphering and decoding the latest finance headlines for the average Joe (yes, that’s ‘Joe’ – our very own ‘Jo is far from average!).

This time the headlines focussed on new pension ages which, as Jo describes it, is a ‘kick in the wallet’. But straight away she alleviates my worries on this by reminding us that 67 is a decent age, so perhaps there’s too much focus on the change in age, and not enough on the actual outcome. However, with future changes pencilled in to push the age back again, this episode helped to make my mind up once and for all that it’s time to sort a private pension – or look at the alternatives and whether I can trust myself with them.

Yes, that’s how helpful I found this chat – despite Jo’s conversational meandering into medieval times and arsenic shopping (is it any wonder she’s subject to age-related teasing?!) – which also told me I need to look beyond the default pension age a provider may assign to me, and also not fall into the trap of thinking it’s too long a time away to be thinking about now.

Back ‘in the studio’, Cathi reveals her love for the Sunday Times but also her frustration at their weekly question of ‘pension or property?’, so (not that I needed it confirming) That Mint Podcast is definitely my finance media of choice, where the debate is more ‘pension or ISA’ and there are no right answers, only variables to help you on your own financial advice journey.

Variables which, I might add, can make a difference of 100s of 1000s of pounds. These girls know their lemons.

Speaking of supermarket produce, the game (*new podcast feature klaxon*) based on the consumer price inflation shopping basket was a typical mix of That Mint Podcast chaos and useful information. This one is definitely difficult to put into words so, you guessed it, you’ve just gotta watch! If for nothing else, it’s great to see others giggling and drinking along – live. And to hear producer Mark’s voice for the first time too….

Watch for yourself below.

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