As you may have guessed by the title, this is the second in our series of blogs focussing on themes from this year’s Evolution. This time we’re looking at all things ‘talent’. We’re not saying that there won’t be karaoke at Evolution (there won’t. There really, really won’t), but that’s not the talent search we’re leading. The Talent stream will cover anything you need to know about people, and the culture you need to create to attract and cultivate such talent, in your business. How to recruit the right type of person, how to train and support existing teams and, maybe most importantly, how to retain your people and make sure they stick with you in the future.

No matter which topic you would like to follow in this stream, our speakers are sure to be thought-provoking as they bring their experiences and knowledge to the different discussions on the day. For example, we are so lucky to have Sarah Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer from Parmenion to talk about recruitment in our Fireside Chat session. Parmenion have expanded exponentially since their inception but have not lost their strong brand identity or their supportive culture as their recruitment process keeps their values and authenticity in mind. She will have loads of tips to share on how your brand actually stems from the people you have in your team, not necessarily from the logo you have on your letterhead.

We’ll then host a panel of Chief People Officers to talk about the importance of culture, embracing new training and tech, as well as how to lead your team through a merger. David Blackburn, Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Kirsty Lynagh, Seccl and Sam Moxham, The Progeny Group will be leading the discussions and answering questions from the audience so get your questions ready. There will also be a collaborative session where we explore what a great workplace culture looks like – the brand is one thing to attract talent, but it’s the behaviours we embed and uphold that really make a good workplace great.

Have you got the talent in your team already and are looking to better ways to support their development, or are you looking to recruit new members or get some ideas for retention? The Talent stream has it all – it just needs you. Get your tickets to Evolution here.