We don’t mean with a crystal ball (unless you’d like to). Tech-nically (no, don’t start that again) thinking about technology usually involves looking at the future, as we’re sure we’ve all imagined flying cars and self-drying coats and the days where faxing was considered technologically advanced are since long gone. We haven’t quite got there yet, but there is a lot that businesses could do with tech if the whole industry got on board.

In this, the third blog in our series concentrating on the subject streams at this year’s Evolution, we will be focussing on Tech. What you’ve got. What more you’d like. What affect would tech have on your business and what affect would it have on the industry as a whole? As part of our Fireside Chat in this stream, we have intelliflo’s, Head of Country – UK, Richard Wake to consider the efficiencies that could be brought about by the wide adoption of suitable fintech and how this could affect the advice process. There will also be an exciting interactive session with Abraham Okusanya the Founder and CEO of Timeline and Betafolio where he will present an activity looking at the current challenges and aspirations for fintech, both on a micro business-level, as well as a macro-industry wide level.

We have also pulled together a panel of experts for an open discussion on how you can further use technology to enhance your business model, perhaps even to the point of building your own… Listen as Raji Natt, Sonatype, Andrew Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Nucleus and André Costa, Co-Founder and CEO of Advicefront where they share their expertise and experience of being at the forefront of building fintech and the advantages and difficulties that arose. Don’t miss their valuable insights into implementing tech into financial firms.

As long as you are keen to collaborate and innovate, you will get the most out of these expert sessions. Although it is a Tech stream, we promise a Powerpoint-free zone and engaging content that will help you make the most out of the ideas generated on the day. No matter what size your business, or the complexity of the tech you are considering, there will be a discussion to suit you. Buy your tickets to Evolution now, don’t get left behind in the tech revolution!